February 23, 2019

Farmers Market Project

Agricultural and Rural Development

The Glendale Community Hall is situated in the centre of the the fragile area of Glendale in the Isle of Skye. The aim of the project is to deliver an outdoor event and farmers market facility for the use of the community of Glendale. It is in the interest of the community to develop the facilities in order that they can directly benefit and support the needs of the local community.

There is a huge scope for the community to directly benefit in many ways; economically, socially and environmentally from owning  and managing this facility. A detailed feasibility is required to plan for the potential of this idea into the future.

By communicating with many local producers and community we have identified the immediate need to provide a facility where fresh local produce can be sold and purchased by the local community and wider public. The aim is to ensure any facility is able to provide an area where outdoor events can be held such as music or gala days. The current hall provides an area for regular community events, it is important that the area is retained and managed so that these important community events can continue safely and can grow.

The community of Glendale (approx 300 households) which is a designated as a “fragile area” also wish to explore how the facility may be developed to provide a sustainable revenue stream which could mean the project providing opportunities for younger generations to stay or move back into the area.

The area has the potential to provide a base for new opportunities such as the provision of more local producers. It could be managed to support the already popular and established craft fair.  There is potential to harness renewable energy in the form of solar panelling which may reduce the overall running costs of the facility and nearby hall. The future development would also support and develop the existing crofting industries by its improvement.

A conceptual image of the facility can be seen below