February 23, 2019

Glendale Information and Community

Glendale is an 18,956 acre estate that extends from Neist Point in the West, to Loch Pooltiel in the North, and Loch Dunvegan in the East. To the South it covers vast acres of moorland, skirting the slopes of MacLeod’s Tables and extending almost down to MacLeod’s Maidens at Idrigill. The name ‘Glendale’ is the anglicised version of its gaelic name, Gleann Dail, which means ‘valley with level fields by a river’.

The steep cliffs of Glendale are home to thousands of sea birds and this area is one of the best places on Skye for seeing whales, dolphins, porpoises and basking shark. Seals bask on the skerries in Loch Pooltiel and Loch Dunvegan at low tide and Otters can be seen fishing for sea urchins.

Glendale has its place in Highlands and Islands history too, most famously with the stand taken by the “Glendale Martyrs” – five men who agreed to stand trial on behalf of crofters who were resisting the government’s Clearance programme. A monument to them is erected in the village centre.

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