February 23, 2019

The Meanish Pier Project


It is the aim of the Glendale Trust to preserve and manage the pier, slip and surrounding area at Meanish Point for continued use and benefit for the local community and visitors.

The Pier lies at the heart of Glendale at Meanish point. Not so long ago this spectacular area was the only way into or out of Glendale and has always been central to the area.

The management and restoration of this area will allow the community to take ownership and manage this fantastic asset for generations to come. The project presents a unique opportunity for cross community groups and individuals to work together for the greater benefit of the area and community. Special recognition must also be given to the late Stan Farnaby and Bill Knight who recognised the importance of this project as far back as 2007.

The Glendale Trust has now developed detailed plans on which they are hoping to build over the coming months and years. The plans have been developed through detailed independent community consultation. Details of the community consultation can be found here –  Pier Development Consultation Survey Final Report 27 June 2013

Details for the plans of the area at Meanish can be found here – Meanish_Pier_Development_Draft_Project_Plan

In 2016 the Trust successfully applied for planning permission to undertake the following work at Meanish

  • Installation of a pontoon, the installation of the pontoon will provide walk ashore access for all users.
  • Extension of the slipway, by extending the slipway be 17.5 meters users will be able to utilise the slipway at all tides.
  • Resurfacing the car parking area will also included in the planning permission.

This work will open up the area to increased commercial and recreational use providing socio-economic benefits for Glendale.