January 22, 2019

Trust Objectives & Articles of Association

The company’s objectives are the promotion for the public benefit of rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation, and in particular within the area of Glendale, Isle of Skye, Highland, Scotland (postcodes IV55 8WJ-Y and 8ZS-Z).

a) To maintain and/or improve the provision of public amenities

b) To maintain and/or improve buildings or sites of historic or architectural importance

c) To protect and conserve the local environment through the encouragement of renewable energy sources, where and as appropriate.

d) To create training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings and/or land for the use of locals

In furtherance of the above objectives, the Glendale Trust will

a) Identify the key developments in the area that will make Glendale an even better place in which to live

b) Encourage tourism to the area

c) Make use of public/private resources and external professional advice to achieve these objectives.

d) Secure the maximum amount of external funding to achieve some or all of our objectives, avoiding conflict with the traditional role of the Community Council

e) Give written or oral advice and help, and where needed financial assistance to aid other organisations in Glendale such as the Moorings Association and Hall Committee complete their objectives.

f) Communicate clearly and regularly with members of the community

Glendale Trust Articles of Association 2011 version