February 23, 2019

Affordable Housing Project

Social Development Project

The community of Glendale (approx 300 households) is in a designated as a “fragile area” the area has recently conducted an independent community survey which highlighted the lack of affordable housing as an issue affecting the area. The primary school closed in 2007  and the population average age is well above the national average.

It is of interest to the community to offer affordable housing in order to ensure the community remains sustainable into the future.  There is a huge scope for the community to directly benefit, economically and socially from affordable housing.  Affordable housing would encourage younger generations to stay or move back into the area.  The properties would be managed by the community therefore allocations would be carried out based on a points system agreed and decided by the local community.

A comprehensive site survey has been carried out in the area as well as a completion of a housing needs survey. Work is ongoing to establish a funding and financial proposition which will aim to deliver affordable housing and land in the area. A copy of the needs survey can be found here – Glendale Housing Needs Report-3

If you are aware of land that could be used for the provision of housing please get in touch with the Glendale Trust.