January 22, 2019

Trust Directors

All our Directors are unpaid volunteers and give their time, direction and advice for the benefit of the community. The Trust has a policy of openness and if you are interested to volunteer please get in touch.


Our directors are:

Tim Hunter-Davies – Director and Chairperson

Clare Gray – Treasurer and Director

“I’m now retired but I started my career as a teacher of Home Economics, then after my children went to school, I changed direction and trained to teach children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
The community in Glendale spent years working hard to raise their share of money to build our community hall. I was pleased to be asked to try and find the rest of the funding. I really enjoyed working with a very committed group of people on that hall committee and together we realised that long held dream. I’m a quilter but I also enjoy being creative with all sorts of textiles and yarns. I also enjoy playing my piano and have recently spent a lot of time learning about photography.”

Andrew Kiss – Secretary and Co-opted Director

“I moved to Skye from the Cotswolds in 2012, having built a house in Roag. I work as a consulting engineer and project manager, primarily in automotive. I’m firmly behind getting involved in communities and have been supporting Staffin and Kilmuir over the recent years with application of my practical skills in such things as building props for the national Mòd and restoring the Staffin memorial garden. I’ve also helped out, and continue to support, Plockton High School’s Am Bata project. My expectation is that the Trust will operate in a completely transparent manner, working on manageable projects that don’t risk being a burden on the community in the future.”

Graham Davies – Director

“I’ve been married to my wife Pat for 47 years. We have 2 son’s and seven grand children. In the past we have fostered a number of children. Pat and I ran for many years a church youth group with over forty teenagers, and I have been an Anglican Lay minister. I worked for thirty years in the health service and five years in education. I ran our own IT company before taking early retirement and moving to Skye twelve years ago. Previously we had holidayed here for over twenty five years. Glendale was the area we were always drawn to and where we felt at home. ”

We are always looking to welcome more members to the board to help with progressing our projects, please get in touch if you can spare any time.