July 20, 2018

North Skye Broadband report published

The Glendale Trust has today announced the publication of “North Skye Broadband”, in which it sets out the findings of a comprehensive public consultation about the inadequacy of existing Internet connectivity in Glendale, Waternish, and Duntulm communities, and details of the Trust’s next phase of planning for the implementation and provision of high-speed broadband to homes and businesses across North Skye.

The Trust set up its superfast broadband project to explore the provision of adequate Internet connectivity to communities in Glendale, not just for technical convenience, but to try to safeguard communities across North Skye from the otherwise inevitable consequences of becoming second-class citizens in the Information Age.   Education, employment, health care, leisure… every aspect of our daily lives is increasingly dependent on what has become the “third utility”, and when commercial broadband suppliers decide not to provide that service in rural communities, self-help is an attractive option.”

The Trust’s Broadband Working Group will be meeting on Wednesday 22nd July (7:30pm in the Glendale Hall) to agree on the incorporation of a suitable community body to take forward the project, and to apply for capital assistance from Community Broadband Scotland for the next stage of development funding.  Other next steps include the investigation of service delivery options, permissions for technical infrastructure, and – if financially viable – the development of a funding package to support the capital investment required.   Whilst the Group has established links with interest groups across with the three communities during the public consultation phase, anyone who would like to be involved with the Project is welcome to make contact and attend its next meeting.

Please note the Glendale Trust as a community charity currently relies heavily upon donations and grants in order to continue this valuable work. The Trust would welcome any donations no matter how small which can be made securely and very quickly through our on-line donations button, which can be accessed via the website or by clicking here.

We look forward to your continued support moving forward in this exciting project. The report is available to download here – GT-NSB-Report-Final.V2