March 17, 2018

AGM New date Wednesday April 23rd at 7.30

Due to lack of numbers the AGM could not go ahead as planned

There must be at least 20 members of the trust present for decisions to be made 

Please come as it is your local organisation and it is a good opportunity to hear about the work that has been achieved over the past year for the benefit of Glendale.

There will also be refreshments available on the night.


Dear All,

Following the public meeting on Friday 7th February 2014 the Glendale Trust Board has agreed to conduct a survey of as many Glendale residents as possible to ascertain the level of support for the proposal presented at the meeting.  An independent consultant has been engaged to carry out this survey.

The consultant will attempt to contact, by telephone, every household listed in the 2013 Glendale telephone directory.  Residents not listed in the telephone directory are invited to write down their answer to the survey question, along with their name and address, and put this in the box provided in Glendale Post Office.

Only the independent consultant will hear, if by telephone, or see, if on paper, the individual responses.  The consultant will present only the total number of responses in each category to the Glendale Trust Board for publication.

The question to be asked in the survey is as follows:

Which of the following statements best describes your view of this proposal (to purchase and develop Borrodale School)?

1       I support this proposal

2       I do not support this proposal

3       I have no strong views for or against this proposal

Details of the proposal, in the form of a business plan, have been attached to all email addresses held by the Glendale Trust along with a copy of the ‘script’ to be used by the consultant on the telephone.  Copies of the business plan and the ‘script’ will also available in the Glendale Post Office and the Glendale Community Hall.

The closing date for responses to the survey is Friday 7th March 2014

Kindest Regards,


Borrodale Bus Plan Final 13 Feb 2014 

Telephone survey script

Glendale Trust AGM

The Glendale Trust AGM will be held on the 29th March at 3pm in the Glendale Hall.

The Glendale Trust board would very much welcome your attendance at the meeting.

The board would be delighted to have more support in their work especially with regard to the treasurers role, if you would be willing to support the community through the Trust please make contact through Richard Powell (secretary)

Look forward to seeing you all then.

Crofters war and Meanish Piers place in history

For those of you that might have missed it the following piece was featured on the BBC news website today (22.05.13) about the Crofters war and Meanish Piers place in history.

 We have the press coming on the 4th of June to do a full story…

Borrodale School and Free Church Sale


The Borrodale School and the Free Church in Glendale are due to be placed on the open market for sale by their current owners.

As an open community organisation representing the residents of Glendale, the Glendale Trust has been mandated by its members to determine whether the community of Glendale wish to acquire and manage these buildings to sustainably support the community and area of Glendale

There is a public meeting in the Glendale Hall – Wednesday the 5th of June at 7:30pm in order to determine the following.

1)    Should the community of Glendale work to acquire these assets for the benefit of the wider community Y/N?

2)    Determine the possible uses for each building.

Based on the community needs survey carried out in 2011 the Glendale Trust has identified various potential uses for the buildings. These will be presented at the meeting on June the 5th along with the process that is required to be followed in order to acquire and develop the buildings.

If you have any ideas for the sustainable development of the buildings or would like to be involved please come along to the please post them in the box provided in the post office (Glendale) or email them to myself or Richard Powell (cc’d) and they will also be presented at the meeting.


The Glendale Community Growth Plan

Dear Trust Members,

As previously mentioned attached is the initial draft of the Glendale Community Growth plan which has been undertaken by the Local Development Officer as part of Highlands and Islands, Community Account Management program. This program is significantly oversubscribed throughout the highlands and Glendale has been fortunate to benefit through the provision of funding and support.

The plan gives an overview of area based on surveys and suggest current and potential projects with Glendale. An open day is scheduled for the community to come and discuss the plan and its contents on Sat 8th of December at the Glendale Hall where more detail of the projects can be obtained and the community can take ownership of the plan.

The open day will be from 9am until 5pm teas and coffee have been kindly supplied by the Glendale Post office and I am sure there will also be some chocolate biscuits!

Comments and feedback would be very much appreciated I hope you will come along.

Hard copies will also be available in the Glendale Post Office as well as the Hall but these will be limited due to the cost of print.

Kindest Regards,

Elgar Finlay

Community Development Planning_-_Community-DraftV1.17

Memorial planned for Glendale Bard

Memorial planned for Glendale Bard

Free WiFi

Free WiFi available. See the Community Page

Meanish Pier

The Glendale Trust are pleased to announce that it is in receipt of lottery funding which will allow for the Trust to complete the acquisition of the council owned facilities at Meanish Pier on behalf of the community as well as conducting a feasibility on the options for management of the facility.

This is an exciting opportunity for the community to secure ownership of the facilities at Meanish for the benefit of locals and visitors.

Once completion of the formalities has taken place the trust intends to consult with the local community, in particular through an open public meeting to consider how this resource should best be maintained and managed for the benefit of Glendale. At the same time the trust intends to work closely with the Moorings Association to protect the interests of the association and its members in using the facilities at Meanish.

North West Skye Recreational Association – NWSRA

North West Skye Recreational Association – NWSRA

Fit for Life in North West Skye


What is NWSRA all about?

NWSRA is working with people who live in North West Skye and with interested organisations to create and develop amenities for recreation and sport for everyone who lives here. We are working closely with local schools, local community trusts, local businesses, sports organisation and voluntary organisations to support this aim and have already secured significant support which we hope to match with further investment.


What is the need and what would the benefits be?

Nearly 2000 people live in North West Skye, in the communities of Edinbane, Waternish, Dunvegan, Glendale, Struan and Carbost. Whilst village halls, local primary schools and other groups provide fantastic support for these communities facilities for recreation and sport are underdeveloped. A recent community consultation recognised the negative impact that a lack of easily accessible facilities for recreation and sport is having on the community, particularly young people. The ideas which gained greatest support through the consultation included an all-weather multi-sports pitch, a youth café and drop-in centre, and an indoor sports facility. The benefits in terms of health, education and community cohesion were also recognised. In addition, with tourism a strong part of our local economy, investment in local recreational and sports facilities would also greatly enhance our local tourism offer and further strengthen the economy in the area.


What do we hope to achieve?

NWSRA is seeking to raise funds to develop a sports and recreation in Dunvegan to provide an all weather sports facility; indoor recreation and sports centre with changing rooms, showers, gym; meeting rooms and café facilities; and flexible facilities including on-line information to provide a focus for recreational group and visitor activities.


Development be modular and will be phased in as funding comes on line.


Our vision is to create an inspirational recreational centre which serves the communities of North West Skye and its visitors well. A place which is an exciting focal point for recreational activities, which is widely used and which contributes effectively to the health, education and well being of the people who live in these communities.



What has been achieved so far?

We’ve been busy:

  • An interim Management Committee has been formed,
  • A constitution prepared, and the formal arrangements for the Association put in place.
  • A public meeting is being arranged to get local people involved in the association and to elect the Management Committee. This will take place at the Dunvegan Hall on the 12th November at 3pm to which all are welcome to attend.
  • Murdo MacLeod has agreed to act as patron and Dave Thompson (MSP) has agreed to support
  • The MacLeod estate working with the Roag Community has offered land for development and provided a letter of support
  • Dunvegan Community Association has given a grant and is supporting the work of the project
  • Struan, Edinbane and Glendale Community Trusts are also supporting the project
  • Waternish Community Association have provided a letter of support
  • Local schools and sports associations have been approach and will be directly involved in development of the project.